Your Wedding —- Music from Opus 4 —- Perfect Style and Atmosphere

OPUS 4 are THE Specialists in Music for Weddings in Sydney

If you are aiming to create a truly amazing Wedding Day with an atmosphere which is elegant, stylish, vibrant and beautiful you are in exactly the right place.

Nothing creates this atmosphere more effectively than a high quality string ensemble.

In Sydney every week though, there are many weddings, but there really are only a small handful of string groups in which you could justifiably place your trust.

So . . . please select carefully . . . and book early!

There is one guiding principle concerning music at weddings which we hold to be of the utmost importance.


If you engage OPUS 4 to perform at your wedding you can be assured that the success of the day will be as important to us as it is to you.

Although we have performed at hundreds of weddings, we are very aware that this is your most special day and that it is incredibly important to you.

A short perusal of our numerous letters of thanks received from couples whose weddings we have provided music for, should amply demonstrate that OPUS 4 are absolutely unrivalled in Sydney in terms of customer satisfaction.

Music For the Ceremony

The quality of music at the ceremony is probably the most critical aspect to consider here.

Walking down the aisle is a truly special moment, and the music plays a huge part in making the perfect entrance! At that moment, one is dreaming of pure uplifting feeling. It is NOT a moment one wants to look back on, questioning in hind-sight the wisdom of having simply chosen the cheapest musicians available!!!!

Every bride-to-be has a vision of how she wants to walk in on her wedding day, and has a different idea of what scenario is perfect.

One bride might imagine having four trumpets and a string orchestra playing regal fanfare in a cathedral, whilst another might envision a soft melody playing as she enters a romantic garden setting. Whatever kind of entrance you wish to make the music is crucial and must be of high quality and emotional significance.

Whatever kind of entrance you wish to make — Opus 4 can make it happen. [We have performed everything from the traditional Wagner Wedding March to the rather unusual – White Wedding – by Billy Idol as Processional Music and we do an excellent rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon if this is your preference.]

The string quartet configuration is extremely versatile and creates a beautiful sound, but OPUS 4 can also offer String Soloist, Duo, Trio, or Quintet and even up to a full chamber orchestra if the occasion demands. We also have the ability to feature singers, trumpet and oboe soloists and so on, if you would like to incorporate these. We also feel that we have your choice of venue covered given that we have played everywhere from a beach jetty to St Mary’s Cathedral.

If you need help choosing your music we have a CD available which contains 24 tracks of us performing the most popular pieces of music for wedding ceremonies. We are currently offering a complimentary copy of this CD with every booking of two hours or more. It is very helpful for couples to choose pieces of music, especially if they are unfamiliar with the repertoire. For the extensive list of our available pieces and songs you can visit our repertoire page.

If you are having a civil ceremony you will usually need some background music as the guests arrive, a piece for the bridal entrance, a piece or two for the signing of the register and a piece for the point at which you are presented as man and wife and the ceremony is concluded (the equivalent of the recessional in a church). The traditional Anglican service is similar except that you may also wish to have hymns and/or a piece of music for reflection between the two readings. In a Nuptial Mass you may also need a piece for the Offertory, and a piece or two for Communion.

Such things we can talk about in detail when planning how the music will fit into your particular service.

Music for the Reception

Although the ceremony is probably the most crucial moment musically, demanding perfect timing and highest quality playing, the atmosphere at the reception can be enhanced equally significantly by music from OPUS 4.

As guests arrive at the venue there is no more vibrant, welcoming, and elegant sound than a high quality string ensemble playing as the champagne corks are popping!

Our music is highly suited to pre-dinner drinks, during which we most often perform a selection of light classical music, or some of our pop and jazz selection.

Many clients are now choosing to have OPUS 4 stay on to play while guests are dining, where perhaps some more ambient romantic music is chosen. The atmosphere created by beautiful, live string music ‘wafting’ through the room is truly unrivalled.

General Points to Consider

Prospective clients should bear in mind that they are making a distinguished choice here. There is absolutely no comparison between the music OPUS 4 can provide at your ceremony, and that provided by someone blasting on a pipe organ or a lesser quality string group; and that there is no comparison between the sound of OPUS 4 performing over pre-dinner drinks or dinner and the sound delivered by a raucous DJ or jazz band. This is music of distinction and establishes a very special atmosphere, which should appeal well to those who are planning a wedding with an emphasis on elegance and style.